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Training in Harmony


Glenn’s magnificent temple to martial arts that makes you feel like you’re floating in the trees. - Cate Gable, Chinook Observer July 2014

Aikido Willapa Bay is a stunning dojo nestled on the banks of the pristine Willapa Bay.  Envoloped in the serenity of a mature coastal forest, the perfect scene to seek your center and train, our facilities are truly world class.
Dojo -   or "Place of the way", is a sacred space to hone skills 
in safety and with honor unusal in modern society. It is a place to belong, larger than a mere building. It is a club, it is friendships and a passion.  It is a pratice.   
Aikido Willapa Bay is focused on the awakening of the spiritual, the sharpening of the physical and the mental, and the nourishment of the psychological being of the individual.  We seek to promote a cohesive community promoting musubi, or connection, not only in the practice of the art

but also by overcoming old fears.



An Aikdio Seattle sister dojo!

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