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Understanding Aikido


How we practice

One of the major features that distinguish one dojo from another is the style that is practiced. Some dojos emphasize the “martial” aspect of aikido, focusing on the self-defense aspect of aikido. Other dojos, such as Aikido Willapa Bay, emphasize the “health and vitality” aspect of aikido, focusing on how doing aikido will increase one’s sense of well-being. While we try and keep our practice grounded in the real-life nature of attacks and self-defense, we also strive to increase our student’s flexibility, both physically and mentally.

Ukemi (the art of falling) is practiced with an emphasis on the connection (musubi) between the attacker (the uke) and the defender (the nage). Our approach encourages students to tumble (roll) in a manner that enhances energy flow and vitality.

"Aikido is a martial art based on a universal truth.  The universe is composed of many different parts, yet the universe as a whole is united as a family and symbolizes the ultimate state of peace.  Holding such a view of the universe, aikido cannot be anything but a martial art of love."  - O'Sensei



An Aikdio Seattle sister dojo!

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